Crown Trick

Crown Trick Update Patch Notes

Following the launch of the game, developer NEXT Studios has rolled out the newest Crown Trick update on October 18th.

The new Crown Trick patch addressed some of the bugs that have been reported since the launch of the game. Along with the bug fixes, the new update also includes balancing, stability, and performance upgrades.

To know more about this update, feel free to check the detailed release notes below.

Crown Trick

Crown Trick Update Patch Notes


  • Lowered the strength of some bosses.
    • Poseidon: Lower HP; longer cooldown for King Octo summon skill; longer cooldown and less damage for the charge skill.
    • Neptune: Lower HP and attack resist; longer cooldown for spawning minions, lower damage for the Elemental Arrow skill.
    • Vlad The Commander: Lower attack power and attack resist; lower attack resist for the chess pieces; increased number of turns for charging Blade Storm skill (also lowering its damage); lower the probability of summoning the Armored Legion.
    • Vlad The Impaler: lower attack power.
    • Tria: lower attack resistance.
    • Dr. Frank: Lower HP.
    • Lab Mutation: lower the power of Raging Throw, “Take This” is now a charging skill.
  • Lowered all monsters’ HP and attack power in Day 2 and Day 3.
  • During the boss or familiar fight, when their HP drops to a certain level Elle will recharge more MP and additional blink usage from it.

Soul Shards and Relics

  • Increase the drop amount of Soul Shards after you kill monsters, Familiars, and bosses.
  • All relics in the merchant’s store become cheaper by 100 gold.


  • Bleeding – now Elle only needs to kill one monster to lift off the bleeding curse (instead of 3).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that caused resolution issues on widescreen monitors.
  • Fixed an issue where remapping Space caused an issue when interacting with items.
  • Now you can see the pricing in Traditional Chinese again.


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