Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale Reveals New Weapons and Items Coming to the Game

Following the release of the update before the month of April ends, developer Darkflow Software has revealed the new weapons and items coming to Cuisine Royale.

The new update containing these new items and weapons hasn’t been revealed yet, but the details of what to expect are here. According to the announcement, there will be three new weapons that will be added in Cuisine Royale. Below are the new weapons that you will be seeing soon.

  • Mosina rifle, infantry mod.
  • MP 41
  • Colt New Service M1909

In addition to these weapons, the developer has also confirmed that Molotov Cocktail, an explosive hand-made grenade that spills burning liquid from the World War II, will be added to the list.

Cuisine Royale

The night vision tactical scope will also come along with this update, as an additional feature and addon to help players fight during night time. At night, it can be used to easily spot an enemy with the help of the night-vision 3.5x scope. During the daytime, it will still offer the same feature but only a red-dot sight. If you find this one in the game, make sure to equip it with your sniper rifle.

Cuisine Royale

The new update will also bring more customization items such as the three new masks with the “Night Hunter” perk. This will help you find enemies at night, making it easier for you to take them down. Spotted players will be highlighted on the minimap and the enemy will get a message that they have been found.

Cuisine Royale

But that’s not all, the update is also expected to bring nine new underwear, talisman items with the ability to reveal nearby special transport, and a battle-monk outfit for Clyde. To know more details about the other mentioned features above, make sure to bookmark our page and come back later.

By Earl Stewart

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