Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher RedDeerGames has released the official Cyber Protocol achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Cyber Protocol, players will be collecting 24 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. Check out the full Cyber Protocol achievements for Xbox One.

Cyber Protocol Achievements

Rare BrainComplete level 10 in Story Mode10
Silver PerfectGo through 5 levels perfectly20
OopsDie in the first 5 seconds10
Oops, I did it againDie in the first 2 seconds10
Bronze PerfectGo through 1 level perfectly10
Synthwave PartyMake a party - listen to the music player for min. 30 minutes10
Medium Rare BrainComplete level 30 in Story Mode30
Medium BrainComplete level 50 in Story Mode50
Medium Well BrainComplete level 70 in Story Mode70
Well Done BrainComplete level 100 in Story Mode100
ErrorData %50%Be desynchronized 50 times by an error10
ErrorData %100%Be desynchronized 100 times by an error20
ErrorData %200%Be desynchronized 200 times by an error25
Devil Calls %666%Be desynchronized 666 times in total66
7 LivesHave 7 lives in Arcade Mode20
Gold PerfectGo through 30 levels perfectly65
Platinum PerfectGo through 70 levels perfectly120
One in a million perfectGo through 100 levels perfectl180
Retro StylePlay the game with all possible visual themes20
Retro WavePlay the game with all possible audio themes20
Retro BossPlay the game with all possible avatars25
Melted BrainComplete 100 levels in less than 20 minutes44
Badass!Finish 20 different levels without using checkpoints50
Piew PiewBe desynchronized 100 times by a laser gun15

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