Open Beta Is Over, Dauntless Officially Releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Following the beta phase period that covers 4 seasons, free-to-play Action-RPG Dauntless is officially launching on PC, PS4, and Xbox One today.

Dauntless beta testing starts last year where it features almost everything similar to Capcom’s Monster Hunter. In the game, players are free to explore the world full of monsters. To survive the terrifying world in Dauntless, players can craft different weapons and armors to protect themselves.

If you took part in the beta testing of the game, the developer recommends linking your accounts with before you start playing the official Dauntless game. Failing to connect the accounts will result in losing all the progress that has been done during the beta period.

PS4 and Xbox One owners can now start downloading the official app from the store while PC players can grab Dauntless from Epic Games Store. Are you going to play Dauntless?

By Kaitlyn Williams

Game blogger, skydiver and a mother of 2. A part-time writer and also a gamer. As of now, I only play games on my PC. But who knows, I might get a PS4 someday.