Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Finale Modern Era Brings Back Fallen Characters

Koyoharu Gotōge’s manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has finally been concluded in Chapter 205. After more than 4 years, the manga series has come to an end.

While the series is all about good vs evil, the author still gives fans a happy ending of the story. The previous chapters of the Demon Slayer manga show how the Hashira’s and other demon slayers fight for their lives.

They have succeeded in defeating the main antagonist of the series, Muzan, but it costs a big price by taking the lives of our favorite characters. However, the author seems to have a better plan for them at the end of the series as they were brought back to life. Not literally, but their reincarnation which is almost identical to their old selves.

The final chapter did not confirm if the main protagonist, Tanjiro, is still alive, but it confirms that Ubuyashiki is still alive in modern-day Tokyo. While we didn’t see Tanjiro in the final chapter, we can confirm that he does have a family.

Previously, fans are rooting for Tanjiro and Kanao and it seems that the author makes it happen as Chapter 205 confirms that Sumihiko and Kanata are their descendants.

Another love team that fans are looking forward is Nezuko and Zenitsu. During the early stage of the series, Nezuko already caught the heart of Zenitsu and it turns out that they really become a couple. In the current day, Yoshiteru and Toko are their great-grandchildren.

Inosuke, on the other hand, seems to also have a family as his descendant named Aoba, a botanist who discovers the blue spider lilies, has been introduced in the series. His partner? Well, it’s still unknown.

Meanwhile, some of the main characters who have been killed during the battle against the demon has been reincarnated. The modern era in Japan brings a new life for these fallen heroes.

The final chapter of the manga confirms the reincarnation of Gyomei as a kindergarten teacher, Kanae, Shinubo, and the three servants in Butterfly Mansion as students, Jigori, Sakonji, Mitsuri and Obanai as a married couple, Makomo, Sabito, and Giyu as close friends, and Sanemi and Genya Shinazugawa as policemen.

Apart from these known characters, more supporting characters who played a big role in the last few chapters of the series have been reincarnated including Goto and Murata. Meanwhile, Yushiro is still alive as a famous painter painting Tamayo.

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