Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2018 Event Details Revealed

Even though we’re still a few weeks away from the Halloween, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has already started their Halloween event called Festival of the Lost.

Starting from October 16 until November 6, players will be having a Halloween event party in Destiny 2. Similar to the Festival of the Lost before, there will be a jammed pack spooky activities this year. Below are the details of the Festival of the Lost 2018 event.

Festival of the Lost 2018 Features

For this year, Festival of the Lost is a celebration of the lost heroes and the arrival of new in-game challenges.

New Questline

Your mission is to solve the mystery behind Master Ive’s murder. Solve the mystery and get a possible reward of 2x Bright Engram Drops. This questline will begin on October 30.

Festival of the Lost Haunted Forest
Festival of the Lost Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest Mission

Explore and take down all the enemies in the Infinite Forest for 15 minutes. In this activity, it is recommended to have a companion since it will be more difficult as you progress.

Tower Makeovers

It’s Halloween, and so expect to see dark-themed towers in the game.

Horror Auto Rifle
Horror Auto Rifle

Bounties and Rewards

Earn Fragmented Souls by completing the Daily Bounties to get Lord Shaxx, Scorn, Uldren Sov, and Chicken cosmetics. In addition, it seems like there will be Bounties for wearing specific cosmetics. You’ll also found Horror story auto rifle, Ephemeral Engrams, and new Tess Everis store items.

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