Bungie Transferring Destiny 2 to Steam from Battle.net

During the release of Destiny 2 for PC in 2017, Bungie selects Battle.net as the game’s distribution platform. However, things are changing starting in September 2019 as the developer announced that they will be moving the video game to Steam.

That being said, Destiny 2 will officially be removed from Battle.net store and even on its dashboard. Obviously, all of the data transfer from Battle.net to Steam will be done by the developer but of course, as a user, you also have to add the game manually on your Steam game library.

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During and after the migration, players don’t have to worry anything about their progress in the game as Bungie confirmed that all the gears, characters, and other important progress that you made will be intact and untouched.

Now, if you’re a constant player of Destiny 2, we highly recommend preparing for the migration of the game. Bungie hasn’t revealed the exact process on how they will transfer the game on Steam. So in the meantime, what you need to do is prepare for the upcoming update. Since Steam is one of the world’s largest game distributor, chance are you already have downloaded and installed Steam on your computer. If you haven’t done it yet and still don’t have an account on Steam, we suggest that you sign up now.

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