Did Epic Games Make a Legal Action Against The Developer Of The Fortnite Clone?

The clone game of Epic Games Fortnite Mobile developed by NetEase called FortCraft is no longer available from the Google Play Store. Interestingly, Android users who got a chance to install and play the game received a notification of a new game update.

Just a few days after Epic Games has released the invite-only Fortnite Mobile beta, NetEase has also released a similar battle royale game called FortCraft. FortCraft is almost 98% identical copy of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile. The release of FortCraft beta just made a big noise in the mobile gaming community that maybe the reason why the game is now inaccessible in Google Play Store.

As reported, Android players who installed FortCraft beta has been receiving a notification update. The only problem is that when the download update notice has been clicked, users will be redirected to the Google Play Store Not Found notice.

What Happened To FortCraft Google Play Download Page?

There are two possible reasons for this access problems:

  • FortCraft is a clone of Fortnite and there’s a chance that Epic Games has made their move and filed a legal action to take down the game. This may be a question of rights violation. As we all know, NetEase has become popular because of the same strategy that they did by releasing some cloned games such as Rules of Survival, a copy of PUBG mobile.
  • On March 18th, NetEase has announced that they are finally closing the FortCraft Beta, however during that time FortCraft is still available on Google Play. But the deletion of the game from Google Play is very suspicious.

Although there is still no official announcement from NetEase or Epic Games, there are rumors that have been spreading that Epic Games have filed a formal copyright complaint against the FortCraft developer.

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