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Dr. Stone Chapter 150 Spoilers, Release Date: Senku vs the Evil Scientist

Dr. Stone is currently one of the most popular manga series, not only in Japan but also around the world. However, due to the on-going virus outbreak, the Japanese government has put the country in the state of emergency. As a result, lots of industries in Japan have been affected.

Two of these industries are the anime and manga industry. Japan is known for their amazing work and story of their anime and manga series. With the virus outbreak, most studio and publishing company decides to temporarily postpone the release of their projects.

Fortunately, the publishing company behind Riichiro Inagaki’s adventure and post-apocalyptic manga series, Dr. Stone seems to be functional. While the Shueisha already postponed the release of the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, they still have plans to continue the production despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this manga guide, we will be telling you all the details that we know about the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 150. These include the manga release date, spoilers, and more. If you’re one of the fans waiting for the return of Senku, then you’re in the right place.

Dr. Stone Chapter 150 Release Date

There has been no new announcement for any delay or schedule changes for the release of the new Dr. Stone manga chapter. However, in case you don’t see the latest chapter from the official distributors, we recommend checking out the manga’s official website and media channels.

As for the 150th chapter of Dr. Stone, it will be released on May 17, 2020, as stated on Viz Media, one of the partners of the manga series. You can read the upcoming new chapter and the previously released chapters of the manga on Viz and Manga Plus by Shueisha. You can access the latest chapter of the manga for free but if you want to read the previous chapters, then you need to be a subscriber.

Dr. Stone Chapter 149 Recap

After reaching the land of America in chapter 148, Team Senku started their search for the corn after seeing one in the river. They decided to follow the river and find where the corn is coming from.

As they sail, corn kernels have been seen floating in the river. They didn’t found anything suspicious as they believe that no one from America survived the apocalypse.

The night has fallen and Senku reached out to Japan to update their friends. The message was relayed and Ishigami Village got the news. Everything seems fine and they have no idea what is lurking in the dark waiting to attack them.

As Senku discuss important matters on how to find the cornfield, Tsukasa sensed something. One of their comrades also agreed on what Tsukasa says and said that he sensed the enemy’s Ki. Hyoga joins the conversation and said that it seems that they were the ones who were lured by the enemy.

With Tsukasa’s fighting instinct, he immediately shouted and told everyone to hide followed by a series of gun fires coming from a machine gun. Everyone was shocked upon learning that they are being attacked by a deadly weapon.

Everyone believe how is that possible, Ukyo mentioned that maybe someone was already revived the same way how Senku was revived. The last spread sees Senku getting excited knowing that he will never lose against an evil scientist.

Dr. Stone Chapter 150 Predictions

Similar to One Piece, Demon Slayers, and other popular manga, Dr. Stone manga spoilers are also being leaked online ahead of its official release. As of writing, we still don’t have it yet but rest assured since we will be updating this post once we got one. In the meantime, let’s have a discussion on what events may happen in the next chapter.

After seeing the current situation of the Kingdom of Science, they are surely in a disadvantage position. The enemy knows all the terrain of the land where they are and they are just a foreigner looking for the corn.

There’s a chance that Senku and his friends will temporarily retreat and wait until the break of dawn. Since its still night time, they can’t do anything yet against the enemy with a powerful weapon.

Similar to the Treasure Island Arc, Senku may come up with a plan to infiltrate the base of the enemy. I strongly believe that the man who attacked them is alone. Similar to Japan, there’s a huge chance that they also have a village in America full of people.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter? Will they be able to defeat the man attacking them?

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old genius who wants to discover the truth about global petrification. With the help of his friends, Senku traveled around the world to restore humanity.

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The manga has been serialized and becomes part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March 2017. Currently, Dr. Stone manga already reached 21 volumes. In July 2019, the first season of the Dr. Stone TV animation premiered.

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