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Dr. Stone Chapter 151 Spoilers Discussion and Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 151 is just around the corner and fans are now excited to see what will happen next to the main characters. While things are not going well for the Kingdom of Science in the previous few chapters, it seems that the odds have finally come to their side.

After the series of attack from the enemies, Senku and his friends got a hand to a new vehicle that will surely help them in the future adventure. The Kingdom of Science has acquired an aircraft after Kirisame’s successful counter-attack. Who are these people trying to kill them? Will Senku and the others be able to find the cornfield?

In this manga guide, we will be telling you all the details that we know about the upcoming chapter. Read on to discover the Dr. Stone Chapter 151 release date and ways to read online. In addition, let’s have a short discussion of the possible events that may happen in Chapter 151.

When is Dr. Stone Chapter 151 release date?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, it seems that the staff and publishing company behind Dr. Stone manga are doing their best to release a brand new chapter for the series.

It’s been a fun week for Dr. Stone fans as there has been no delayed release of the chapter. If everything goes smoothly this week, expect to read Chapter 151 on Sunday, May 24th.

In case you don’t see the new chapter this weekend, we highly recommend checking the official website of the series or the media partners such as the Shonen Jump’s social media account. Usually, they are announcing if there are any schedule changes for the manga.

Where to read Dr. Stone Ch. 151 for free?

The only legal way to read Dr. Stone manga is reading it from the official distributors. Currently, Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha are the only networks where you can read it.

These two sources are allowing readers to access the latest 3 chapters, including the latest chapter, that has been released for the manga. If you missed all the other chapters, then you need to be a premium member of the website.

What to expect in Dr. Stone manga Chapter 151?

The main reason that Senku and the others travelled to America is to find corn that will be used to revive the petrified humans around the world. However, it seems that Senku is not the only survivor who has been revived naturally.

As seen in the previous chapters, Americans are trying to get rid of Senku and his friends. Fortunately, the Kingdom of Science is full off talented members.

In the last chapter, we have seen how Senku acquired the aircraft that is used to attack them. Senku and Ryusui are all excited knowing that new tech is on their hands.

Knowing that they are still searching for the cornfield, there’s a chance that Senku will repair the aircraft. I strongly believe that they will use it to find the corn.

However, there will be no easy path for them as the enemies are still lurking in the forest waiting for the right moment to attack again. But thanks to Tsukasa and the other warriors as they will surely do their best to defend the members of the Kingdom of Science.

So, what do you think will happen in Chapter 151? Do you also believe that the Kingdom of Science will use the aircraft as a tool to find the cornfield?

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