Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Chapter 152 Spoilers, Release Date: Gen Finds the Cornfield

Dr. Stone Chapter 152 is just around the corner and fans are now ready to read the new chapter as the new characters from the west has finally been introduced. Thanks to all the efforts of the members of the Kingdom of Science, they have managed to infiltrate the enemies camp base.

The previous chapter showcased how the Kingdom of Science get in touch with the enemies. Kohaku, Chrome, and Gen started their exploration to trace down the enemies who attacked them.

On their journey, Gen noticed that somethings wrong and to avoid casualties, he asked Chrome and Kohaku to stay behind and let him take the lead. Gen slowly moved forward and while he’s getting far from his friends, he was greeted by a gun of the enemy.

Fortunately, the enemy did not fire at him but instead, Gen was invited to come with her. As the mentalist follows the woman, they reached the cliff where he saw the cornfields sitting. From there, they immediately went down and proceeds to the headquarters of the enemy where he met Dr. Xeno.

Dr. Xeno welcomed Gen by putting him on a test. With the doctor’s polygraph testing machine, Gen was asked with several questions. Gen realized that he’s being put on a test and knowing that he’s a mentalist, he’s all ready to accept Dr. Xeno’s challenge. Will Gen be revealing the Kingdom of Science’s real plan to the enemies? Let’s find out once the new chapter releases.

When is Dr. Stone Chapter 152 release date?

While some of the mangas in the Weekly Shonen Jump are being put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it seems that Riichiro Inagaki is able to continue his work.

If everything goes well in the next few days, Gen Asagiri fans will be able to see him again infiltrating the enemies in Dr. Stone Chapter 152 set to release on Sunday, May 31st.

Where to read Dr. Stone Ch. 152 online?

You can read all the manga chapters of Dr. Stone from the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus. While these websites are subscription-based websites, they are offering free access to the latest 3 chapters of the manga. Meaning, you can also read the Dr. Stone Chapter 150 and Chapter 151 once the new chapter releases.

In case you don’t see the new chapter on the mentioned date above, we recommend checking out the official media partners to see if there’s any delay or schedule changes.