Dr. Stone Chapter 189

Dr. Stone Chapter 189: Kohaku, Taiju, and Ryusui’s Death

Manga author Riichiro Inagaki is back with the newest chapter of Dr. Stone manga series. The newest chapter of Dr. Stone manga series sees the departure of the three major supporting characters.

Following the death of the two most powerful warriors of the Kingdom of Science in Chapter 188, the latest Dr. Stone Chapter 189 has added the death toll for the manga series. This time, its the death of Kohaku, Taiju, and Ryusui.

Is Kohaku, Taiju, and Ryusui Dead?

Dr. Stone Chapter 189 confirms the death of Taiju and Ryusui. As for Kohaku, who was seen on the first page of the chapter, it seems that she will also be dying anytime soon. As we all know, Kohaku has been shot twice by Stanley after defeating Tsukasa and Hyoga in Chapter 188.

How did Taiju and Ryusui Die?

Taiju and Ryusi were killed by Stanley and his men. Tauji was hit by a bomb, throwing him and Gen backwards. After the explosion, Gen tried to wake up Taiju but his friend no longer responds. Ryusui, on the other hand, has been shot in his chest after declining Xeno’s offer to surrender.

What Are The Roles of Taiju and Ryusui?

Taiju is considered as one of the main defenses of the Kingdom of Science. Due to his strong physic, he along with Magma is the one getting most of the damages for Senku. Ryusui is one of the people that has been revived by Senku due to his navigation skills. The Kingdom of Science safely arrived in the United States with the help of Ryusui and Ukyo.

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