Dr. Stone Chapter 161

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 Spoilers, Release Date: Missile Acquired!

Riichiro Inagaki is back with another science-filled adventure in the latest chapter of Dr. Stone. With the resources that they have finally acquired, manga enthusiasts are now thrilled to see the next adventure of the Kingdom of Science.

Previously in Chapter 203, the manga features how Senku and the others acquired fluorite. Fluorite is one of the materials needed for their main goal – to reach the moon and search for Why-Man. After acquiring fluorite, Senku immediately creates a telescope where Kohaku sees the beauty of the moon. They are one step to their goal and their next destination is India to seek help from the bright minds of the country.

However, reaching India is not an easy task as they have to make a long journey. Fortunately, they found another route but they were blocked by some logs. This results in Senku creating the first missile. In Chapter 203, manga fans were able to witness the first missile that was created in the stone world.

Dr. Stone Chapter 204 Release Date

So, will there be a delay for the next manga installment of Dr. Stone? As of writing, there is no announcement for any delay or schedule changes for the release of the next chapter. This only means that Dr. Stone Chapter 204 will be available on July 11, 2021.

As always, you can read the upcoming chapter and all the previously released Dr. Stone chapters on Viz and Manga Plus. If you prefer reading the manga on mobile, we highly recommend getting the Manga Plus mobile app which is available on Google Play Store and App Store.