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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Release Date: Goku vs Granolah’s Epic Fight

The Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, and Son Goku finally arrived at the Cereal Planet in Chapter 72 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. The two Saiyans are unaware of the Heeters’ plans. Oil and Macki managed to attract Goku and Vegeta to the Cereal Planet. Both travel and arrive at Planet Cereal after a long 18 days. Check below a recap of chapter 72 and the release date of chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super.

After landing at Planeta Cereal, Macki points to a mountain, saying that the bad guy is there. Then, Goku comments that he can’t feel any powerful ki there. Vegeta reveals that perhaps the enemy is suppressing his powers.

Goku and Vegeta finally find Granola, and Cerealjin realizes that both Saiyans are stronger than he imagined and not just Oozarus, the giant monkeys.

The battle then begins. Goku reveals his strongest forms to Granola. However, he is defeated twice. At the same time, Granola reveals his hatred of the Saiyans and that he seeks revenge against Freeza. Initially, the Saiyans have no idea what Granola is talking about.

Towards the end of chapter 72, Vegeta notices traces of destruction on the Cereal Planet caused by Saiyans in the remote past. The chapter ends with Vegeta understanding the whole situation.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Release Date

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super will come out on June 20, 2021, on a Sunday. All chapters are available free of charge for reading at  Manga PLUS. Apart from Manga PLUS, you can also read the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series for free on Viz Media. The new updates and highlights will come out next month.

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