Dragon Ball Super Granolah

Dragon Ball Super Manga Series Reveals Granolah’s New Transformation

Chapter 70 of the Dragon Ball Super manga series revealed the new transformation of Granolah, the protagonist of the new arc.

After having his people decimated at his world by Freeza, Granolah vowed to seek revenge and, in this most recent chapter, he finally struck a way capable of putting his plans into practice. In addition, the emergence of the character’s new abilities can even mean a threat to Goku and Vegeta.

With the help of the Dragon Balls of his home planet, Granolah asked to become the “strongest warrior in the universe”. His wish was granted but, in return, he would only have three years of life remaining.

Despite this, the bounty hunter did not hesitate. In addition to new powers, he also gained a new form, reminiscent of Super Saiyan 3:

Granolah Super Saiyan 3

Now, with only three years left, Granolah’s next move will be to locate Freeza and put his revenge into practice. Although he conquered this new look, it didn’t take long for him to finish it. Before leaving on a trip to meet the group of Heeters, the character cut his hair!

Did Granolah’s new transformation really outdo Goku and Vegeta after all? This we’re only going to find out in chapter 71, which will be released on April 20, 2021.

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