Dragons Have Been Unleashed In Apex Legends

Following the data mine that has been reported a few months ago about the flying enemies and the appearance in the teaser trailer off Apex Legends Season 2, Respawn Entertainment has officially unleashed the dragons in Apex Legends.

Just before the release of Season 2, many players are caught off guard by the surprise appearance of the flying monster in the game. As reported, players can now encounter the dragons in Apex Legends, and what it does is stealing the loot boxes dropped when a player died.

While it can fly freely across the map after stealing the loot boxes, players can still chase and get back the boxes by firing at the dragon. There’s certain damage that players need to reach before the dragon drops the death-loot boxes.

In case players missed to chase the dragon, the developer has prepared another twist that will happen to the stolen death boxes. According to the details, the death boxes that have been stolen will belong to someone on the dragon hunter’s friend list. In case the listed player is not playing during that time, it will randomly appear somewhere once the player goes online.

Haven’t seen the dragon appearance in Apex Legends just yet? Check out the video below.

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