Emberlight Achievement Guide and Tips

This is a pretty enjoyable Free-to-play platformer 🙂 It took me 1.8h to complete, but can be shorter if you are dexterous~ I will share more details about the achievements below even though they are pretty self-explanatory! 😀


  • Note that we start off with 5 lives, we can heal at the end of the stage (if needed) for 100 coins. So do pick up the coins often! (also needed for 1 achievement). However, if you lose all 5 lives, you will start from stage 1
  • It may take a couple of tries to fully beat the level, however once you are familiarized with the maps & mechanics and monster attacking style, it will be smooth sailing~

Ouch! Achievement

  • Note that touching the spike is an instant death of 1 heart loss, you can touch the spike that’s near the starting point to get this achievement.
  • After which you can choose to restart the game or proceed as it is. (Because the game restarts if all 5 hearts are gone)
  • Just for info: touching spikes, lava, water, iron ball is instant death.

One down, 8 to go achievement

  • You will get this achievement simply by clearing the first level

Death achievement – die 10, 50, 100 times

  • For the death-related achievement (die 10,50,100 times), you must do it in “one ” run i.e. dont go to the main menu if you’re grinding deaths.
  • The moment you go to the main menu instead of pressing restart when dead, the death count resets.

Saved a kingdom Achievement

  • This is obtained by beating the final boss at level 9.
  • To defeat the boss, you will have to deflect his incoming fireballs with your shield.
    (Note there is a cooldown – blue bar)
  • The boss can be easily safespotted at the right side

Collector Achievement

  • Once you have beaten the game, you should have no problem collecting 500 coins on the second run.
  • Dont be stingy and dont hesitate to heal up whenever needed on your first full attempt at the boss.
  • Just for Info: If you do not have enough coins to heal up, know that in each level, you will chance upon a door. Those are kind of like a “secret stage”. Collect the key and you can open the treasure chest. The treasure chest may contain a potion or a heart.

A heart restores both your lifepoints and a heart. A potion will only restore your health to full.

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