One Piece Chapter 920: Spoilers, Prediction, and Release Date

We're just at the beginning of Wano Arc, and so far, each chapterĀ is full of surprising and shocking events. Recently on Chapter 919, Kinemon...

One Piece Chapter 919: Wano Prophecy and Kozuki Clan Time Travel

When you think that One Piece is already getting to unfold its story, think again. Because, in One Piece Chapter 919, Oda has confirmed...

Code Geass and Naruto Voice Actor Hikaru Miyata Passed Away

At the age of 87, anime voice actor Hikaru Miyata passed away due to an acute aortic dissection. Hikaru Miyata is known for its great...

Osomatsu-san English Dub Cast Announced at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Initially released in 2015, Osomatsu-san easily gained its popularity in the anime world because of the wacky comedy of the identical sextuplets. And because...



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