One Piece - Mihawk's Death

One Piece Chapter 925: Is This a Plot For Dracule Mihawk’s Death? [Opinion]

As we all know, each crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates have their own goal and dream to achieve at the end of...
One Piece Chapter 926 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 926: Expectations and Release Date

In the next few days, we will be getting One Piece Chapter 926. While the chapter hasn't come out yet, I'm here to discuss...
Boruto Chapter 29

Boruto Chapter 29 Now Available; Koji Enters Konoha, Kawaki Shows Karma

Finally, the long wait is over. Boruto Chapter 29 is now available and fans can now read it online. In this chapter, we saw...
One Piece Yonko Bounty

One Piece Chapter 925 Reveals The First Yonko Bounty

There are lots of things happening since the Wano Arc began, and surprisingly, the latest One Piece Chapter 925 reveals the first Yonko bounty. Since...
One Piece Wano Arc Act 2

One Piece Chapter 925 Release Delayed Until Next Week

If you're looking for One Piece Chapter 925 this week, it's sad to say, but the new chapter is not releasing this time. According...
One Piece Chapter 925 Predictions

One Piece Chapter 925: Expectations and Release Date

Ever since the Wano Arc started, we're all excited to read the new manga chapter. Next week, we will be heading towards One Piece...
Luffy Wano Arc Act 1

One Piece Chapter 924: Who Is The Mysterious Prisoner In Wano Arc?

One of the biggest question in One Piece Chapter 924 last week is the mysterious man in the prison who throws a bone to...
One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Meets Kid In Jail

One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Meets Eustass Kid In Jail and Law Escaped

One Piece Chapter 924 spoiler is out and as expected, Kaido brings Luffy to jail where Eustass Kid resides. It appears that the Straw Hat...
Law Kid Luffy Alliance

One Piece: Law Kid Luffy Alliance Might Return In Wano Arc

With Luffy’s defeat in One Piece Chapter 923, it’s obvious that Kaido will take and imprison him along with Kid. And from there, the...

One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Will Be Joining Kid at Kaido’s Prison?

In One Piece Chapter 923, we saw how Kaido easily defeated Luffy when he swings his club. This causes Luffy to lose his consciousness...

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