Fallout 76 BETA Bugs Might Popup In The Game According To Bethesda

Developer Bethesda warns players that they might encounter a lot of bugs and issues during the Fallout 76 Beta, asking their fans to help them find the bugs so that they can quickly investigate and fix it.

In a statement released on Monday, Bethesda informed their fans who are participating in the Fallout 76 BETA that they have to expect “spectacular issues” that they did not encounter during their test.

Bethesda: A Note to Our Fans
Bethesda: A Note to Our Fans

Bethesda’s move is I think the first time for a game developer to announce and ask their players about bugs and glitches on their upcoming game. While this is a good thing for them, it’s a bad experience to all Fallout fans who are expecting a smooth release of the game. Ethier way, it’s good to know that Bethesda has already warned their fans about the forthcoming issues that Fallout 76 might encounter.

Fallout 76 BETA starts on Tuesday, October 23 for Xbox One users and October 30 for PC and PlayStation 4 users.

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