Fishing: Barents Sea Game Preview

Fishing: Barents Sea is a fishing simulation game set in the Norwegian Sea, where you inherit your grandfather’s small boat and set to conquer the sea to make a living.

The game has been developed on Unreal Engine 4 which makes it look fabulous. The boat, movement of the waves and the sound effects are truly magnificent.  According to Gøran Myrland, their team has created an accurate and detailed model of the real life at sea.

“We built a really complicated system for fish”, Myrland told the reporters. “Fish move around the area based on the temperature in the water, and some fishes move out of the map in the summer and go back in the winter, for example.” he added.

Similar to the real world event, the in-game weather affects the fish that you may catch. With 6 playable ships (and more in the future), Fishing: Barents Sea offers players an amazing fishing experience.

Interestingly, the game also focuses on the nature of the sea. If you abuse the sea, you will get nothing in return. In an example, Myrland said that when a player is overfishing, the sea will eventually become empty. So the player needs to take care of the habitat.

Fishing: Barents Sea is out on February 7th, 2018 for the PC.

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