FOREWARNED Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Rare tricks and strategies that you may not know about in Forewarned.

Ambient Threats

Torch Hitboxes
The torch doesn’t have as bad range as you think. Aim a little to the left, and you’ll have ‘increased’ range.
Why does this work? In Forewarned, all of the equipable items are actually physically in your hand. If this were a different game, swinging the torch would cast a ray from the center of your screen inline with your crosshair. But in Forewarned, physically hitting the enemy with the actual torch is what matters. The torch is on the right side of the screen, so moving your camera left makes it much easier to hit enemies. Aim with the torch, not the crosshair!
This also applies to all other equipment, including things like the heka amulet and metal detector.

Reanimated Corpses
Reanimated corpses are enemies found in the TNT area of the Sand-Spider tomb variation.
They act similarly to sprinting mummies. If one has targeted you, to avoid getting injured, you can bait an attack and wait until it swings twice – one for each arm – and then you are safe to go in and attack with your torch.
Another good way of dealing with them which I find the best is to stealth-kill them. They only aggro and lock onto a player once their getting up animation is complete. Using this knowledge, you can stand behind it until the animation is finished, after which it will just slowly walk away and you are safe to easily set it on fire.

The Snake
You can blow up the snake before it’s even left its hole.


Inner Tomb Mejai Name Selection
The names of the Mejai are always in the same order:
Rathos | Necreph
Dekan | Talgor
Ouphris | Ataimon

Difficulty Level’s Effect on Mejai
The selected difficulty also effects Mejai’s unique abilities. For example, how far Dekan can hear, how fast Ouphris attacks, or how fast Rathos’ rage meter fills up.

Specific Mejai Tricks
– You can still run vs Dekan, just stop when you hear footsteps coming closer. But even if Dekan hears you, you can move away from that location without making sound and Dekan will try to attack where you used to be.
– Torches are still useful vs Talgor. He ABSORBS flames, not just extinguishes them. When he does so, the flames get visibly sucked into him, giving you a good idea of where he’s coming from.
– You can blind Ataimon with the camera flash.


There are 5 unique tomb variations, 2 per variation. One is the ‘tutorial’ tomb, one has snakes, one has sand and spiders, one has water and crocodiles, and one has abominations and nightmares.

Getting Lost?
A good strategy to make sure you’ve explored 100% of the tomb is just following one wall. The only time this goes wrong is on the older tombs, where occasionally a loop will spawn, meaning if you just hug one wall you will either never see the rooms inside of the loop or you’ll be stuck inside the loop forever until you change walls.

Ushabti Puzzles

Memory Puzzle
A trick to do all three stages easily and quickly is what I call memory storage. Try to remember as many of the symbols as you can, commit them to memory, then convert the remaining symbols into numbers based on their location on the wall. Because of how human brains store data, it’s way easier to store 5 words and 3 numbers than it is to store 8 words!
Of course, you don’t have to convert them to numbers, you could convert them to anything, like colors or places. I’m pretty sure this is how people remember digits of pi or perform massive math equations.

Directional Head Puzzle
The direction of north may differ, but the orientation the heads needs to be in is always the same. The order is Baboon (monkey), Anubis (jackal), Pharaoh (human) and Horus (falcon) for north, east, south and west respectively.

Laser Puzzle
The solution is always the same per tomb variation, so you can just remember it.


– Make sure to prestige when at least around 38,000 gold to get most of your equipment back to level V, besides from non-essentials, after prestiging.

– In the windowed room with the relic collection, there are 10 shelves for up to 50 Ushabtis. You would think that it’s one shelf per map but this is not the case, it is not map dependant, you just get a random Ushabti each time. Ushabtis also do not get reset when prestiging.

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