Forsaken Latest News & Updates: Nightdive Studios Hints A Possible Forsaken Remake

Nightdive Studios, the developer behind Strife: Veteran Edition, has just shared some screenshots of Forsaken on their social media accounts, hinting the possibility of making a remake of the game. Forsake is 3D first-person shooter game that was released in 1998. Unlike other games that came out in the same year, Forsaken is one of the few games that features 3D graphics.

There are no additional details that have been shared along with the post, but our guess is that they are maybe planning to make a remastered version of Forsaken. In short, the 3D models and game textures will not receive an enhancement. However, PC gamers will be given a chance to pick their preferred resolution up to 4k running on any modern computers.

Here are the shared photos from their post: