Fortnite Battle Royale Patch 2.3.0 Is Now Live Introducing The New Chug Jug and Bug Fixes

Following the big update last week, Epic Games released Fortnite update version 2.3.0 introducing the new Chug Jug and fixing game bugs on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

This patch mainly highlights the new Chug Jug, which allows a player to gain a full recovery of their health and shields. It only takes 15 seconds to use and activate the Chug Jug so all you have to do is find a safe place before using it.

Along with the update comes with a notice about the end of the 2017 Winter Event Save the World that is scheduled to end on January 25th. However, it will be replaced with the Mutant Storm Event.

Aside from the mentioned updates above, the new patch also comes with a lot of bug fixes that includes the crane glitch in Junk Junction and more. It also comes with the game optimization to improve the accuracy of grenades and fixing the reward system.

Make sure to check the full list of Fortnite 2.3.0 patch notes here.