Fortnite Battle Royale Will Be Getting a Jetpacks

Fortnite Battle Royale’s new update screen reveals that a jetpack will soon be available in the game.

The new update screen on Fortnite Battle Royale shows the contents of the upcoming updates for the game. As of now, the update screen shows some information which is already in the game like the Royale Dragon glider and the Season 3 Battle Pass. Interestingly, Epic Games also revealed that jetpacks will be coming to the game too.

The details also reveal that it includes gold background, which usually means to imply legendary items and that the jetpack will be one of the rare items in the game. Aside from the images that were shown, there is no additional information that has been shared.

The gameplay meta of Fortnite Battle Royale is very vertical, so it seems like the jetpack will be very handy once it has been released. Jetpack is another cool rare items in the game and it could end up having a major impact on the current meta of the game.

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