Fortnite Golden Balloons

Fortnite Season 7: All Golden Balloons Location (Week 9)

One of the challenges in Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 is to Pop 10 Golden Balloons. To help you with the challenge, here are the locations of all the golden balloons that you can pop.

There’s a total of 20 golden balloons scattered across the map and the challenge only requires to you to pop 10 of them. Also, this challenge can be done in different matches, so players don’t need to rush to pop 10 golden balloons in one game.

All Golden Balloons Locations

There are 2x golden balloons in Frosty Flights, 1x in Snobby Shores, 1x in Haunted Hills, 3x in Paradise Palms, 2x in Wailing Woods, 1x in Tomato Temple, and more. Please refer to the marked location in the map below:

Fortnite Golden Balloons Locations
Fortnite Golden Balloons Locations

And that’s all the locations. After you have successfully completed the challenges, you will see a notification on the screen saying you have done so. For more Fortnite Season 7 guide, make sure to check our Fortnite guide directory.

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