The Planet Crafter Lore & Automation Update 1 Notes de mise à jour: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Developer and publisher Miju Games has just released the newest update for the Planet Crafter Lore and Automation DLC. This first patch has been rolled out today, Octobre 17, 2022. Selon les détails, this new patch addressed the autocrafter bug, as well as the undroppable items bug that has been spotted since the release of the DLC.

The new patch is now available for download. If you’re on PC, launching the game via Steam will automatically download the update. You can find the full release notes for this new update below.

Lore and Automation Update #1 Notes de mise à jour

  • Fix undroppable items bug if a warden key was present in the inventory
  • Fix autocrafter small bug
  • Minor improvement in algae spreader and outside farm
  • Minor improvements on terrain

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