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Generation 4 Shiny Shinx Is Now Available In Pokemon GO

While most of the fans are still discovering the addition of the new Pokemon, Niantic has released Shiny Shinx in Pokemon Go, making it the first shiny Pokemon release from the Generation 4 Pokemon.

Before the official release of the Generation 4 Pokemon, data miner has also discovered that the shiny form of some Pokemon has also been added in the game. And few hours after it went live, Pokemon Go players already reported that Shiny Shinx is now available in the game.

Generation 4 Shiny Shinx
Generation 4 Shiny Shinx

The first report of Shiny Shinx sighting was found on Reddit. According to the user, he found Shiny Shinx after he successfully won a Raid battle in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Pokemon doesn’t give players an advantage to the game, but because of its rarity, catching a shiny is really important and challenging.

By Christian West

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