Gleipnir Sees Shuichi and Chihiro’s Metamorphosis to Fight Subaru

Gleipnir just dropped another epic episode featuring Shuichi’s new power as they fight another collector. While Claire is still making a pact to join the group, Shuichi offered Chihiro to help find her missing wallet.

Shuichi and Claire already faced a strong enemy before and knowing how dangerous the forest is, Shuichi suggests Chihiro to go inside him which the young lady agreed. The two start the search but as they are getting deeper into the forest, Shuichi smelled Elena’s scent along with two more enemies.

They followed the scent but at a certain area, it splits up. This is due to Subaru who got mad after being ordered by Natao. Subaru left Elena and Natao and decided to go home instead.


While on his on the way home, Subaru meets Shuichi and Chihiro who are looking for the wallet. Caught by surprise, Shuichi said that Subaru is a kid which triggers the enemy. Subaru got mad and decides to attack Shuichi where he easily crushed the mascot.

Subaru was seen leaving the crushed mascot on the ground but he was surprised when Shuichi stood up and witnessed how Chihiro fused with Shuichi’s mascot. Subaru quickly summoned his monster parents and attacked the morphed monster but his attacks were easily dodged.

Shuichi and Chihiro’s metamorphosis vamped the monster’s overall power and speed which results in Subaru being confronted with a gun on his face. However, just before the two kills each other, Elena appeared and stopped both of them.


The morphed monster jumped out and Shuichi knowing that Elena is an enemy, he decides to kill her. However, Chihiro sees Shuichi’s memory showing the connection between Elena and him. Chihiro immediate stopped Shuichi from shooting Elena. Later on, the morphed monster loses consciousness and falls to the ground.

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