Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Field Research December 2018

Pokemon GO Field Research Tasks, Encounters, and Rewards For December 2018

It's already December, and in Pokemon GO, it only means that a new set of Field Research Tasks are available in the game. For players...
Pokemon GO Cresselia Raid Battle

Pokemon GO: Top 10 Best Counter Against The Legendary Cresselia

Pokemon GO has just released the Psychic-type Legendary Pokemon Cresselia via Raid Battles. And if you're planning to take down this Legendary Pokemon, make sure...
Let's Go Event Raid Bosses

Pokemon GO Let’s Go Event All Available Raid Bosses

In celebration of the release of Pokemon Let's Go on Nintendo Switch, Niantic has released an exclusive Pokemon Go event called Let's Go event....
Pokemon Let's Go Event

Pokemon GO: All Tasks and Encounters For Pokemon Let’s Go Event

In celebration of the release of Pokemon Let's Go, Pokemon GO has released Pokemon Let's Go event featuring a new set of research tasks...
Meltan Special Research Tasks

Pokemon GO: All Tasks For Let’s Go Meltan Special Research

Few months after it's first appearance, Meltan has officially arrived in Pokemon GO. Similar to the other legendary and mythical Pokemon, you can catch...
Pokemon GO New Gen 4 Evolutions

New Pokemon GO Generation 4 Evolutions and Candy Requirements

Just a few days ago, Niantic revealed that Generation 4 evolutions are coming out. While the reveal did not mention any release date, the...
Pokemon GO Gengar Counters

Pokemon GO: Top 10 Best Counters For Gengar Special Raid Challenge

With the impending Pokemon GO Gengar Special Raid Challenge, fans still have much time to prepare. The event was announced last week and is...
Best Giratina Counter

Pokemon GO: Top 10 Best Counters Against The Legendary Giratina

Pokemon GO has announced Halloween Event 2018 and one of the features of the event is the Giratina Raids. If you're planning to take...

How To Find and Catch The Newly Released Kecleon In Pokemon GO

With the appearance of Kecleon in Pokemon GO earlier today, most of the fans are excited to add this new Pokemon in their Pokedex....

Pokemon GO: An Introduction To Cranidos and Rampardos From The Sinnoh Region

As the Generation 4 from the Sinnoh Region is getting close to its release in Pokemon GO, we want to properly introduce and get...

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