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Here’s How You Can Enable Facebook Mobile App Dark Mode

If you’ve been a Facebook user for a long time now, it’s likely that you have noticed changes in the platform. Recently, Facebook just rolled out the new design on desktop and users now have the option to use it. One of the features of the new Facebook design is the dark mode. During the early days of the new design, users don’t have the option to use the dark mode in mobile. But that ends today as the developer started rolling out the new Facebook version that features the most requested Facebook dark mode on mobile.

While the dark mode feature is now available on the Facebook app, the developer has confirmed that it is not yet globally released as they are still testing it on a small percentage of mobile users.

In case you’re one of the millions of users who received the dark mode feature on Facebook mobile, here’s how you can activate it.

How to enable dark mode on Facebook app

  1. Download the latest and official Facebook app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open and login to your Facebook account.
  3. Once logged in, click the options and scroll down until you reach the bottom.
  4. Click the ‘Settings & Privacy’ options and search for the feature called ‘Dark Mode’.
  5. Tap the ‘Dark Mode’ button and enjoy the feature.

As of writing, the dark mode feature is only available on the Facebook Android app.

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