How to Beat Garden of Eden in Monster Girl 1,000

For those who refuse to surrender when they are expected to, here is a suggested outline for a powerful build that can take down the formidable Garden of Eden gunship in RPG Master mode.

Battle Strategy

Assuming you have already defeated Alice in the Training Grounds and obtained the Celestial Ring and Rage Walker armor she provides, these items will play a crucial role in surviving the upcoming battle.

An effective approach begins with applying buffs to your party before the battle commences. Utilize any available buffs, except those that induce berserk status. It is important to avoid berserk effects. Simultaneously, apply debuffs to weaken the gunship, specifically targeting toxic and aftershock abilities.

Next, make use of the main character’s time warp limit break. Activate adrenaline and follow it up with a full break to further diminish the gunship’s defenses. In case unexpected circumstances arise, have adrenaline ready for improvisation purposes.

Equip Bessie with the Super Shotgun enhanced with maximum damage output. Additionally, utilize Ray’s celestial rage mode and unleash Ultima Fury. Coordinate this with False Promise to ensure survivability, activating Immortality just before False Promise expires. Bessie will likely fall after the first attack, but it is crucial for her to apply aftershock at least twice before that occurs.

During the relentless assault, have the main character prioritize guarding, unless Ray requires additional breathing room for an extra False Promise followed by Immortality. In such cases, the main character should focus on healing Ray, enabling her to utilize celestial skills once again. However, keep in mind that it is usually not feasible to revive the main character once they have been sacrificed, as time constraints are typically tight.

Suggested Build

Let’s explore the suggested options for the event. I’ll provide key highlights for each build, but feel free to ask any questions you may have. Additionally, I welcome constructive feedback if you have any.

Bessie Build (Based on Bessie the Exterminator Build by Suyryuu):

  • Primary Weapon: Super Shotgun – Deals piercing damage, hitting twice for 75% damage, with a 33% chance of hitting four times.
  • Armor: Shadow of the Succubus (Tier 6) – Applies a charm effect, reducing gunship attacks by 18% and increasing the damage it takes by 25%.
  • Accessories: Critical Queen (Mythic) – Provides a 10% chance for a quadruple attack, +40% critical rate, and +50% critical damage.
  • Succubus Ring – Grants +8% attack and enables the succubus form permanently, ensuring the application of toxic and aftershock effects.
  • Alternatively, Sugar’s Blessing can be used as a substitute to have a chance of applying aftershock.
  • Blessings:
    • Bessie – Provides a 40% chance for additional damage.
    • Xyla – Increases attack by +15% and critical rate by +12%.
    • Blackjack – Enhances critical chance by +15% and critical damage by +50%.
    • Overachiever – Offers a significant boost with +100% critical rate, +100% critical damage, and +100% TP charge rate.

Ray Build (Celestial Rage Build):

  • Primary Weapon: Ultima Weapon – Increases Magic Attack by +20%.
  • Armor: Rage Walker (Tier 5) – Enhances Magic Attack by +30% and grants +50 TP per turn, unlocking her Fury Skillset permanently.
  • Accessories:
    • Celestial Ring – Provides +6 Magic Attack and enables Celestial Form, allowing the use of both Fury and Celestial Skills simultaneously.
    • Ultimate Undies (Mythic) – Boosts Max HP by +25%, Magic Attack by +14%, and Counter Attack Rate by +75%.
  • Blessings:
    • Champions Belt – Increases Stats by +12%.
    • Kesia – Improves Hit Rate by +300% and enhances attack/magic attack by +40%.
    • Lyra – Grants an additional turn at the start of battle.
    • Death Lord – Raises attack by +10% and sets the damage cap at 2,000,000.

MC Build (Mostly taken from Invincible MC build by DrBright):

  • Primary Weapon: Nutcracker – Provides a +8% increase to stats.
  • Armor: Sentinel Suit (Tier 6) – Grants a barrier equal to 20% of HP every turn, +50% counter rate, reduces agility, and enables a double-hit laser counterattack.
  • Accessories:
    • Champion’s Aegis (Mythic) – Enhances defense by +15%, party defense by +10%, party agility by +5%, HP regeneration by +4%, counter rate by +15%, and evasion by +20%.
    • Stone Shield – Boosts max HP, defense, and magic defense by +25%, while reducing agility by -15%.
  • Blessings:
    • Liada – Provides +65% physical/magical defense penetration and +100% critical evasion.
    • Hides-in-Barrel’s – Guarantees a 100% counterattack chance and allows for +2 counterattacks per turn.
    • Francesca – Adds +1% lifesteal, enables lifesteal above max HP, and reflects damage received at a rate of 5000% +100% of defense.
    • Automatron – Enhances damage resistance by +10%, guard effect by 300%, and target rate by 300%.

The Reward

This Ribbon provides protection against various status ailments such as Blind, Silence, Poison, Sleep, Berserk, Confusion, Charmed, Slow, Death, Toxic, and Zombie.

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