How to Easily Solve Any Job in Shadows of Doubt

Do you ever feel like you’ve been provided with insufficient information on how to locate potential candidates for a job? Here are some tips on how to make progress in your search.

Word of Warning

It’s important to note that by continuing to read this guide, you may be spoiling what could potentially be one of the best “eureka” moments the game has to offer. As an immersive simulation game, discovering certain things on your own can be much more satisfying.

However, if you have already read this far into the guide, you likely have enough of a hint to avoid running all over the city trying to locate the right person and potentially still getting it wrong. Just be aware that if you continue reading, you will receive the answer and the element of surprise may be lost.

The Answer

Assuming you have been given only limited information, such as age, height, and hair color, for a job listing, it can be exhausting and not worth your time to try and find someone who fits that description by running all over the city. There could be hundreds of people who meet those criteria.

Instead, you can snoop on the person who gave you the job listing and pin them to your board. This will give you some actionable information on the job giver, such as their appearance if they asked you to meet them at a specific location. In the future, it is recommended to inspect these people as you meet them so that you do not have to go running around after the fact.

If they do not provide you with enough information, you can still follow them home, which is much easier than trying to track them down by asking people or using camera towers that only take pictures at certain intervals.

If you only have the job giver’s phone number, it can be a bit more challenging. You’ll need to investigate outgoing and incoming calls from a phone booth to determine where the call came from. Usually, tall buildings have phone booths in their basements, while bars and other locations that function as their own buildings have them as separate structures on the premises.

This strategy works because the job giver is unlikely to hire a stranger to carry out a job that involves paying out a significant sum of money. They probably have a personal connection to the target. If you can’t find any leads on their voicemail or in their home, you may have to search for people who match the job specifications at their workplace or other frequented locations.