How to Fix Stasis: Bone Totem Controller Not Working Issues on PC

Are you currently having some controller issues while playing Stasis: Bone Totem? If so, this guide will show you the recommended fix to fix Stasis: Bone Totem controller problems and issues.

Stasis: Bone Totem, developed by THE BROTHERHOOD, is now available for players to enjoy. However, many players have been experiencing some Stasis: Bone Totem controller issues. According to reports, most common controllers such as Xbox, PlayStation, and generic controllers are having some in-game issues with Stasis: Bone Totem. If you’re one of the players who is currently experiencing similar problems in Stasis: Bone Totem, this guide will help you fix the problem.

Known Stasis: Bone Totem Controller Issues

  • Controller not working
  • Controller suddenly stops
  • Controller not detected

These reports have been experienced using a PlayStation controller, Xbox Controller, branded controllers such as Logitech F310, and more generic gamepad controllers.

Fix Stasis: Bone Totem Controller Issues

Before we start with the main troubleshooting, let’s try the most basic method to fix this issue. Depending on which controller you are using to play Stasis: Bone Totem, make sure that the controller support is enabled on your PC.

Update Your Controller Drivers

Just like any other external peripherals, there’s a chance that your computer doesn’t have the driver dedicated to your controller. That is one of the reasons why your controller is not working in Stasis: Bone Totem.

If you know the manufacturer of your device, simply visit their website and download the drivers needed. You can even ask for their support for the correct driver version that you can use. If you can’t find the correct driver, you can try and use IObit’s Driver Booster to automatically download the compatible controller driver for your PC. In our case, using the mentioned software fixed the controller issues in Stasis: Bone Totem.

Driver Booster

Third-Party Controller Support

Another method to fix your controller is by using third-party controller software. There are a lot of gamepad controllers out there, but in this guide, we highly recommend the following as we have already tested them all.

Please note that we are not associated with any of the third-party controllers that we mentioned here. The list above is based on our very own experience when we used their product.

Contact the Support

Are you still having problems with your controllers while playing Stasis: Bone Totem after trying all the methods above? If so, we recommend reaching out to the official support team of Stasis: Bone Totem.

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