Bless Unleashed

How to Fuse Items in Bless Unleashed Guide

Fusing items in Bless Unleashed is one of the most important things for players. Item fusion will give players new and upgraded items that will help them in the journey. So, how can you fuse items in Bless Unleashed?

Bless Unleashed Item Fusion Guide

Fusing an item in Bless Unleashed is easy. All you have to do is find the Fuse Specialist. The Fuse Specialist is available in every city and you can easily find him by checking the map as he has his own icon on the map.

Once you find him, simply interact with him and you’ll see the list of items that can be fused. Of course, you need to meet the requirements before you can combine the items. Each fusion will require some points. If you have enough points, you can fuse the items by just pressing enter on your keyboard.

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