How to Rollback Save File in ENDLESS Dungeon

Got issue with your game save and want to restore? Try this and see if it fix your game. This guide helps to roll back your game progress to a previous backup (if you have one) and overwrite the latest cloud save. It may help fixing incorrect / bugged game progression / cloud save issue. Note: this is for Windows user, Steam version of the game.

How to Rollback Save File

1. Backup your files

Before you start, close your game then make a backup of you game save files, they are located here:
(if you don’t have these files, then this guide can’t help you)
please note that the game progression should be related to the date modified

2. Turn on the game and make sure cloud save is off

Go to Options, Settings, Network, Remote storage (set this to “NO”)
Then close the game again
This make sure cloud save won’t override our backup files

3. Override the current save

In the game save folder, replace the game save file with one of the backup file
(in my case: Steam_0x01100001107dadbc_01.ctr is the game save)
(Steam_0x01100001107dadbc_01_backup_20231020T015206.ctr is one of the backup file)
How: remove theSteam_0x01100001107dadbc_01.ctrfile then renameSteam_0x01100001107dadbc_01_backup_20231020T015206.ctr(the backup file) toSteam_0x01100001107dadbc_01.ctr

Start your game
If you want to be extra safe, move all your backup file to some where else (leave only your game save file in the folder) before starting your game

4. Game progress should be roll backed

Game progress should be roll backed,(If this is not the case, sorry i couldn’t help)
Now start a solo game and enter the saloon, press ESC and trigger a save
(this should update the modified time of your game save)

5. Turn on cloud save again
Go to Options, Settings, Network, Remote storage (set this to “Yes”)
you should be good to go


What issue did i encountered?
Recently i unlocked the Comrade character and completed his 2/4 quest, the game bugged and didn’t unlock the hero chip slot, i moved forward and finish his 3/4 quest and i’m stuck at 2 hero chip slot (i should have 3 at this time).
I used this method to roll back my game save to the point where comrade is still not unlocked.

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