How to Trap Birds in Dinkum

Dinkum is full of wild animals that you can use to earn money. The best method to earn money from these animals is by sending them to the Animal Research Center. One of the animals that you can send to the facility is birds, which are also the easiest to catch. But how can you can birds in Dinkum?

Animal Trapping Requirements

Before you start catching birds, you need to have your Trapping License. You can obtain the license from Fletch. The starting price for a Trapping License is 500 PT, which will unlock the simple animal trap. This trap is enough to trap a bird that you can send to the Animal Research Center.

If you have enough permit points, you can upgrade your license for 1,000 PT. Having this Trapping License upgrade will give you the ability to craft advanced animal traps. At the same time, it will also increase the trapping success rate.

How to Trap Birds

Assuming that you already have a Trapping License, you need to craft a trap and set up drop-off points. Once done, you’re now ready to trap some birds.

First, you need to search for an area where you can see birds. There are lots of areas around the map and you can easily spot these birds flying and roaming around the ground. If you managed to find a good spot, just place the trap near the birds. Inside the trap, put a piece of meat.

Dinkum Birds

Leave the trap and observe from a distance until a bird goes in. The animal trap will automatically close once the bird was in the area.

Dinkum Birds

The last thing you have to do is pick up the trapped bird and bring put it to the drop-off point. The next day, you should be able to collect the rewards from the Animal Research Center.

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