How to Unlock Everything in Devil May Cry HD Collection By Hex Editing

This guide will show you how to unlock all difficulties and skins, even with zero progress in DMC2 HD.


  1. First, create a clean save file of your DMC2 HD game. After the cutscenes, press Start and then Save. If you already have significant progress, it should still work, but it’s better to start with a clean save file.
  2. Locate your save file directory. If you’re using Steam, the directory should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata<Your_Steam_Account_ID>\631510\remote. In this directory, you will find the “dmc2.sav” file. Before proceeding, it is important to BACKUP your save file.
  3. Open the “dmc2.sav” file with a hex editor. You can use any hex editor, but for this guide, we will use HxD.
  4. In the hex editor, locate the following offsets and change their values accordingly:
    • Offset 65: Change value to 01
    • Offset 66: Change value to 07
    • Offset 67: Change value to 07
    • Offset 68: Change value to 2F
    • Offset 69: Change value to A4
    • Offset 6A: Change value to 6C

For visuals:

  1. After making the changes in the hex editor, click on the Save option to save the modified “dmc2.sav” file. If your hex editor automatically creates a backup file with a .bak extension, kindly move the backup file to another location to avoid confusion.
  2. Now, open the DMC2 game again. When you select “Load Game,” you will see that Mission Select, Bloody Palace, Trish, all difficulties, and the unlocked skins are now available. If you haven’t created a save file for Lucia yet, it will still be shown after creating one. You will still be able to earn Steam achievements even with these modifications.

Enjoy playing DMC2 with all difficulties and skins unlocked!

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