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Idol Manager Update 1.0.5 Patch Notes Released

It’s been over a month since the official launch of Idol Manager. While the game has been continuously soaring the chart on Steam, it seems that many players are experiencing some in-game issues. To address these concerns, developer Glitch Pitch has released Idol Manager update 1.0.5.

According to the official details, Idol Manager patch 1.0.5 has implemented some changes in the UI and mods of the game. It is also worth noting that this update has fixed the BGM issue of Idol Manager that has been reported since the last update.

We already got the complete list of changes for update 1.0.5. Feel free to check the full changelog below.

Idol Manager Patch 1.0.5 Changelog


  • Relationship notifications don’t block event text anymore.


  • Fixed: BGM sometimes not looping.


  • You can now set which voice your custom idols should use.
  • Use parameter “vo_default” (you can check updated Unique Idol Example mod on Steam Workshop).
  • Possible values: Idol01-Idol06, Amami, Aya, Azumi, Dance, Doctor, Fujie, Fujimoto, Intern, Kato, Music, Office, RivalF, RivalM, Sawamura, Shimizu, Style, Tanaka, and Yuzuru.
  • Keep in mind that some of these characters don’t have a full set of sounds.

After installing this update, is your game currently experiencing some in-game crashes? If the answer is yes, feel free to check this Idol Manager troubleshooting guide.

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