Immortal Life

Immortal Life PC Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts

This guide will be showing you the complete list of Immortal Life controls for Windows PC. Immortal Life is a life simulation video game published by 2P Games. Your goal in Immortal Life is to farm, rebuild, explore, and more while restoring the Taoist clan.

If you’re one of the new players of Immortal Life, we are hoping that this controls guide will help you out in the game.

Immortal Life Controls

MovementW A S D
Use ToolsE
SpecialF (Hold)
Edit HomeH
LiftE (Hold)
Turn LeftQ
Turn RightE
Tool / Spell1
Tool / Spell2
Tool / Spell3
Tool / Spell4
Tool / Spell5
Tool / Spell6
General / BattleQ
General / BattleR
General / BattleT
General / BattleZ
General / BattleX
General / BattleC
Immortal Life Controls

You can also refer to the full in-game controls screenshot of Immortal Life below:

And that’s the default Immortal Life key bindings and shortcuts that you can use in the game. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no option to modify or remap these controls. We will be giving you another update once we find a way how to remap Immortal Life key bindings.

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