Iron Galaxy Studios Willing To Port Capcom’s Monster Hunter World To Nintendo Switch

Due to the different and difficult environment of Nintendo Switch compared to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Capcom said that they don’t have any plan to port Monster Hunter World to Nintendo Switch. However, despite the technical difficulties of porting the game into a different platform, one company has offered their hand and skills to handle the porting of the game.

This development studio is the Iron Galaxy Studios lead by CEO for the developer Adam Boyes. Boyes’ shared his interest via Twitter to encourage Capcom to consider hiring Iron Galaxy Studios for the porting. “We understand that porting the game to Nintendo Switch is challenging,” Boyes’ said, “but this is exactly what Iron Galaxy Studios does.”

Before he ended his tweet, Boyes encouraged Capcom by leaving a message “give us a shot.” On the other side, Adam Boyes served is Capcom’s director of production from 2007 to 2010.


Many Monster Hunter fans around the world are overjoyed to see Boyes’ tweet to Capcom and hoping for Capcom to hire Iron Galaxy to do the job. By hiring them, the Monster Hunter development team can focus on their work to give fans more quests and updates. Not to mention, they are still working on a PC version of Monster Hunter World which is scheduled to release this year.

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