Is Draken Dead in Tokyo Revengers?

Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, is considered as one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers manga series. Draken is one of the founding members and former vice president of Tokyo Manji Gang, led by Manjiro Sano. Following the disbandment of Tokyo Manji Gang, Draken has become a member of Brahman Gang led by Senju Kawaragi.

While he is a strong character and also plays a crucial role in the series, he is also human just like everyone else. You may have been wondering if Draken died in Tokyo Revengers. Before we give you the answer, be reminded that the next content contains spoilers from the manga.

Is Draken dead?

The former vice president of Tokyo Manji Gang and currently a member of Brahman, Draken, died after saving Takemichi during the assassination attempt by the members of Rokuhara Tandai.

How did Draken die?

Draken died after losing too much blood from the wound that he got after catching the bullet that was fired by the enemies.

Tokyo Revengers

While Takemichi and Senju were dating in an amusement park, Draken heard the rumor about the enemy planning to kill Takemichi. Draken also learned that the enemies were heading to the amusement park, making him think that Takemichi was also there.

There are three members of Rokuhara Tandai doing the crime. At first, they failed to hit Takemichi, who rushed towards Senju to protect her. The gang members of Rokuhara Tandai fired the second shot hoping to kill Takemichi, but when the gun was triggered, Draken appeared in front of them.

With Draken’s arrival, the Rokuhara Tandai members immediately run away. The noise of the gunshot surely caught the attention of the civilians and to avoid being connected with the crime, Senju asked Takemichi and Draken to flee the area.

Both Takemichi and Senju started running, but Draken didn’t move his feet and slowly fell down. It turns out that the last shot that was fired by the enemies hit Draken’s body. Takemichi and Senju immediately asked for help, but the rescuer told them that it was too late to save Draken.

In what chapter did Draken die in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken’s death has been confirmed by the medics in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224.

While this is the final moment for Ken Ryuguji, the manga series already hinted Draken’s death in Chapter 221. The manga continues to hint at his death until Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223, where we see Draken having a flashback of him and the other members of Tokyo Manji Gang and a hallucination of Emma.