Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables – How to Obtain Honey

Honey is one of the resources that you can craft in Kitaria Fables. In the game, there’s a quest called “Bring the Honey” where you are required to deliver honey to Ms. Apple. If you’re stuck on this quest in Kitaria Fables or just need some honey in the game, here’s how you can get one.

How to Get Honey in Kitaria Fables

To get yourself some honey, you will first need some honeycomb that is dropped by bees. Usually, you can find a large concentration of bees at the East Forest Field, just north of the Forest Entrance.

Forest bees have a high chance of dropping honeycomb. You will need two honeycombs for each honey you want to craft.

For the quest, you need two honey, so gather at least four honeycombs in the wild. Once you have enough honeycomb, go to River of Fortress and find Kelly. She is located at her stall on the east side during normal business hours, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Talk to her and you can buy honey in exchange for two honeycombs and 10 paw pennies. Now that you have two honey, return to Ms. Apple to finish the quest and claim your reward.

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