Last Days of Lazarus

Last Days of Lazarus Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Last Days of Lazarus has just joined the lineup of horror genre video games. Well, with the promising works of GrimTalin, don’t be surprised if you see yourself standing from where you’re seated. The game revolves around the life of Lazarus as he ventures to learn the truth about his family.

If you want to help Lazarus discover the truth, you surely want to get yourself familiar with the Last Days of Lazarus controls. The game supports the use of a mouse and keyboard and gamepad controllers, and you can find all of these details below.

Last Days of Lazarus Controls

For those who are wondering if the default Last Days of Lazarus key bindings and shortcuts can be remapped, it’s unfortunate to say that these are fixed.

MovementW A S D
Pause MenuEsc
View CollectiblesC
Read DocumentsJ
InteractLeft Mouse Button
Last Days of Lazarus Controls

As mentioned earlier, the game also has full controller support. Below is the list of controller actions for Last Days of Lazarus.

MovementLeft Analog Stick
Pause MenuMenu Button
ItemsD-Pad Left
Read DocumentsD-Pad Up
View CollectiblesD-Pad Right
Look AroundRight Analog Stick
Interact With ObjectsA
Last Days of Lazarus Gamepad Controls

Now that you already know the Last Days of Lazarus controls, you can now start your journey in the game. Good luck!

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