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Last Oasis Update Patch 1.0.28946 Now Live on PC – Minor Update

Developer Donkey Crew has released a quick update for the Last Oasis on PC. The new Last Oasis update 1.0.28946 has been rolled out today, April 21, to address minor issues in the game.

The game’s last update was rolled out a few days ago which also aims to patch known bugs. You can check the latest patch details below or here.

Last Oasis Update 1.0.28946 Patch Notes

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Increased respawn timer when spawning on a walker without water.
  • Made Ancient Station interactable more restrictive.
  • Fixed additional issues with javelins affecting walker movement.
  • Fixed inventory protection continuing to work outside of Cradle.

Last Oasis is available on PC via Steam.

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