Last Oasis

Last Oasis Update Patch 1.0.28652 Released, Get the Details Here

Last Oasis has received a brand new update that carries patch 1.0.28652 for PC. The previous update was just released a few days ago, but due to the series of bug reports, Donkey Crew has to release this update today, April 10th.

The latest Last Oasis patch 1.0.28652 aims to address most of the reported issues such as display issues, sever crash, and client crashes. Apart from this, the new update also includes technical, balancing, and performance improvements. Check out the complete changes made in this patch below.

Last Oasis Update 1.0.28652 Patch Notes


  • Improved server persistence to reduce rollbacks; mostly when restarting or patching.

Balance and Tweaks

  • Increased Barrier Plank’s HP from 100 to 12000; actually useful now.
  • Restricted building beds on walkers; too op bypassing respawn timer.
  • Buffed general repairing value by 2; was too slow.
  • Buffed walker water health repairing value by 5; was also slow.
  • Improved oasis danger calculation; it was possible to cheat the system.


  • Fixed Forager Module, not harvesting foliage; finally.
  • Fixed ability to sell Tablets at trading stations.
  • Fixed unpacking sometimes being blocked because of base height.
  • Fixed ammo displaying issues when manning weapons that have ammo racks.
  • Fixed keybinding changes sometimes not applying to build mode.
  • Fixed base rotation not being properly set when unpacking.
  • Fixed containers sometimes failing clan ownership checks.
  • Fixed Torque value sometimes glitching when sprinting.
  • Fixed display issues with claimed tiles on the world map.
  • Fixed server crash related to harvesting foliage with invalid data.
  • Fixed client crash in the off-map lobby when crew data wouldn’t load properly.
  • Fixed client crash when the combat system would get invalid action.

Donkey Crew’s Last Oasis is now available on Windows PC via Steam.

By Earl Stewart

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