Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

This guide will show you the default Legend of Mana controls for the keyboard and gamepad. Be reminded that these controls can be changed and modified by going to the settings menu of Legend of Mana.

Legend of Mana Controls

Open Options MenuD-Pad RightEsc
Move UpLS UpW
Move DownLS DownS
Move LeftLS LeftA
Move RIghtLS RightD
Open Game Menu/Check Mana LevelsYTab
Open Artifact SelectorXSpace
Run or Walk/View Previous PageLB2
View Previous Page (In Menu)LT1
View Next PageRB3
View Next Page (In Menu)RT4
Close Game Menu/Help (World Map)D-Pad LeftQ
Quick AttackB5
Power AttackY6
Ability 1XSpace
Ability 2ALeft Shift
Special Technique/Magic 1LB1
Special Technique/Magic 2LT2
Special Technique/Magic 3RB3
Special Technique/Magic 4RT4
PauseD-Pad RightP
Legend of Mana Controls

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