‘Let’s Hunt Monsters’ A New Mobile Game For Pokémon Fans and Crypto Enthusiasts

Tencent Games, one of the giant tech company in China, has announced their new mobile game for both iOS and Android devices. This new game is dedicated to Pokemon fans and crypto enthusiasts in China. According to the reveal, the game will merge the idea of Pokemon GO and CryptoKitties and will be called 起来捉妖 which translates Let’s Hunt Monster.

The new game will be offering similar mechanics as Pokemon GO, encouraging players to travel, find, and hunt down virtual monsters. The announcement and reveal of the game happened last April 23rd and confirmed its release date in early May.

Surprisingly, the game already reached more than 3.4 million players who have already pre-registered to get the early access to the game. With the popularity of Pokemon GO around the world, it’s not surprising that Tencent’s new game already got this numbers.

Just as mentioned, Let’s Hunt Monsters will be a combination of two different games, so expect to see similar mechanics from these two games. You can watch the game trailer below:

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According to Tencent Games, Let’s Hunt Monsters already have 243 monsters that can be encountered in the game, but expect to see additional monsters once the game has received new updates when released. Interestingly, the game will be offering players a trade feature which is not yet available in Pokemon GO.

Let’s Hunt Monsters is so far the best alternative to Pokemon GO in China. As we all know, Pokemon GO and Niantic are not doing well in China because of the privacy feature that may violate the rules of the government of China.[/sociallocker]