Metal Gear Survive Latest News & Updates: Konami Released A New Four-Player Co-Op Trailer For Metal Gear Survive

Following the initial release of Metal Gear Survive trailer, Konami has just released another show-off trailer for the game featuring the four-player co-op and showing some ways that players can do to lay traps and defeat incoming enemies.

In the new trailer, Konami shows how a four-player game can deal the mission of defending an extractor in Metal Gear Survive. Some weapons that have been shown are lightning arrows, walker gears, sledgehammer, barricade walls and more. The video also shows some ways to lure and trap incoming zombies and kill them with some spinning blades.

Metal Gear Survive is currently in beta phase until January 21st. The beta testing features a four-player co-op granting them three missions in two different maps on Xbox One and PS4. As a reward for participating the beta phase of Metal Gear Survive, players who participate will receive an exclusive Metal Gear Rex head accessory, bandanna and a special Foxhound nameplate once the game has been officially released on February 20th in Xbox One, PS4, and PC.