Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus on Xbox One Needs More Than 53 GB Storage

Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Metro Exodus requires more than 53 GB of storage on Xbox One.

According to Metro Exodus official sales page, the game will require an approximate storage size of 53.45 GB on Xbox One. Obviously, players will need more than that due to the fact that the game will receive new updates and DLC’s.

Seeing an install size as big as this is becoming a norm for video games nowadays. Last year, some of the big games that require large storage are Fallout 76 and NBA 2k19 as both of them requires more than 45 GB storage.

For the PC and PS4 versions of Metro Exodus, it’s safe to say that it will likely have a similar file size. You can now pre-order Metro Exodus from here.

Metro Exodus is coming on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 15, 2019.

By William Harvey

William is a car enthusiast. When he was still a kid, his dad always brings him to F4 racing competition. Now, he's an avid fan of racing games.